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The Sea Burial Service idea originated in the east coast, but it wasn’t until relocating to Seattle and falling in love with the Puget Sound region that Limitless Sea Burials service was founded. Today, Limitless Sea Burial is proud to help the pacific northwest families with the healing process by providing a dignified Sea Burial Service, and sensitive ceremonies aboard the motor yacht “Limitless”.

The owner has more than 28 years as qualified merchant mariner, working on passenger ships was his passion. In the early days he worked for the yacht industry in Ft Lauderdale, where he worked on private yachts performing Sea Burials, in collaboration with local funeral homes and the Neptune Society the remains were very special care for.

Limitless Sea Burials has the passion of helping others during these difficult times, we understand the needs and challenges in these crucial moments that’s why Limitless Sea Burials has provided wonderful ceremonies and sea burials for the entire region.

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We are

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A Family Business

Our mission:

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, that is why at Limitless Sea Burials (LSB) we are making it our mission to provide a professional, sensible, sea burial as well as a comfortable setting for your farewell and last goodbye.

Limitless Sea Burials offers a fantastic peaceful setting in the ocean, with wonderful views of the Puget Sound, and this beautiful and comfortable yacht will make your ash scattering experience a memorable one. Planning the ash scattering service is important, but if you considering the ocean sea burials as an alternative, Limitless Sea Burials is the perfect place for you and your loved ones.

Limitless Sea Burials teams will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

  • The space onboard our vessel is comfortable with enough seating for everyone.
  • The vessel is Heated/Air conditioned.
  • Refreshments are provided during the ash scattering.
  • Flower arrangements for the Sea Burial ceremony are provided.
  • A Sea Burials Certification with the exact location (latitude and Longitude) is provided.
  • A comfortable water edge platform for boarding as well as for the ash scattering ceremony.
  • A well-located marina pickup point and a pleasant cruising to the Sea Burial site.  
  • Because of our professionalism, sensitivity and compassion.
  • The scenery of the Puget Sound would be perfect setting to begin the healing process.
  • At Limitless Sea Burials we offer the option to send the remains (ashes) via USPS to our office with a personal note or instructions.
  • We would have the Sea Burials ceremony on your behalf as you were present.
  • The Sea Burial Ceremony will includes Farewell words and flowers.
  • We would provide the sea burials certification with the exact location of the ash scattering.

"This option is available for families that cannot attend the sea burial; however, we encourage to be present and participate in the ash scattering as this is a wonderful opportunity to begin the healing process."

  • Experienced sea burial captain.
  • Comfortable seating for your family and guests.
  • Family and friends can scatter the ashes during the sea burial.
  • Flower arrangements.
  • Refreshments and snacks.
  • Music of your choice.
  • We offer a sea burial picture memorial displayed on our TV screens.
  • Sea Burial Certificate with the exact location of the sea burial.
  • Sea Burial Biodegradable Urn.
  • Ash scattering ceremony farewell words.
  • A take-home flower arrangement.
  • The average sea scattering takes approximately 2 hours dock to dock.
  • Additional time is available upon request. ($150/Hr.)
  • There are no drugs allow onboard the vessels, sorry no exceptions. (Marihuana Included)
  • Weapons of any kind are not allowed on any of our vessels.
  • No fireworks allowed.
  • Kids are welcome, however, it needs to be communicated in advance to ensure the appropriate life jacket is available to ensure their safety.

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